Looking for that health bargain or sale?

Every consumer  wants to save money and there are some of us like myself who are on a monthly budget. Yes, I decided it was best to be on a monthly budget to keep myself from over spending on the monthly products that I need or going a little too over board with those little side treats when I want to spoil myself with the “must have” items that I really don’t need right away but find a great bargain.

Okay, now that I have your attention shoppers I ended up having one of those insomnia nights so I started to surf the Internet last night and happen to come across an interesting deal from a drugstore that I rarely ever expected to do business with, CVS. Most of the time I do shop through their competitor Walgreen’s but this time I decided because of the pricing structure it was much better to go with CVS for two reasons. The first being all of their vitamins that I needed were BOGO (buy one get one) and two, the price was less expensive in comparison. I was totally amazed especially when double checking the price.

I actually looked again while online just to make sure I wasn’t being tricked and sure enough I happen to see the CVS prices were lower directly on their website and showed to e much higher on the Walgreen’s website so I did the right buyer’s choice and went with the low price as it was the best deal for the consumer pocket. I got the best vitamin brands that I normally get at a fabulous price thanks to CVS. As for the insomnia, it happens but oh well, I eventually did get some sleep but managed to accomplish a good deal and get some shopping for my needs plus still stayed well within my monthly budget. I highly suggest to everyone to watch the prices closely and always keep an eye out for those special deals especially if they are a BOGO.

A few tips that will also help in saving money I take advantage of the shopping flyers from the business locations where I shop. I can get them easily by email and review at it helps me build my monthly shopping list along with keep track of where to best get the deals and also know when those deals will be taking effect. Another item that I use is something called Ebates as it is an Internet extension that will help save on money as I get discounts on all the locations that I shop at especially the locations I visit frequently and I also will get emails from them as well.

Hope the above helps you save money – happy shopping!


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The marketing balance is a skill

balance scaleOver the past 19 plus years involved with small business  I’ve seen much taken place with the balance of marketing to keep the scale even. We can only begin to touch the surface with the many pieces used from the marketing puzzle; it would write a chapter. The point is, a small business will do the necessary steps and take every precaution to sell each product or that service they are delivering to the public to get happy customers. It is the goal of small business owners to obtain happy customers that are satisfied with their product or service in hopes they will return once again and also provide word of mouth references to their friends or family about them. This is only one way of marketing there are many ways a business will budget for marketing and it takes time to follow through for those marketing changes as every business needs to go through trial campaigns then see what happens with a campaign then make changes when something needs improvement, follow through and balance everything evenly. Every business will reach a point of time for making themselves better to show they want to grow and increase productivity. It is times such as this that will be touched on very delicate because everything has a price in business and the price should never be so harsh it impacts the consumer; hence the balancing act.

Marketing has come a long way over the many years I have been involved and seen how it can be of benefit to any type of small business owner whether they are B2B or B2C – retail focused or wholesale focused. The use of marketing your business to others will show consumers just how beneficial you can be to them. A few tips to use as guidance before marketing to any consumer:
#1) Be honest when speaking about the product or the service to your customer.
#2) Always be honest with yourself.
#3) Repeat step 1.

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Food Network needs a revamp

I have always appreciated watching and learning new ways to cook and make healthy dishes in the kitchen. What I’ve noticed over the years is a very disturbing change is taking place on this channel and it appears to me there is no light making an improvement. What seems to be taking place on this network is disappearance of great cooking and it is quite disturbing.

I was actually enjoying how I could take notes, watch, and learn from various shows such as Unwrapped, Iron Chef, and even Barefoot Contessa and The Pioneer Woman as those recipes can be achieved from an easy affordable grocery list. What this network has turned to now is nothing more than contest shows that seem to be over rated and nothing like what the Food Network was originally about. What is driving me batty is this constant programming urge to show re-runs throughout the day on Friday and Sunday not just for an hour or two – all day! I am finding it very hard to sit and listen to someone who sits around a high kitchen table and talks down to me like I’m a child and don’t know how to boil water. This is getting very disturbing especially from persons who I once did appreciate and have fun watching while they were cooking. It is almost as if their ego has gone a little too far north and it is now coming out into the open, literally.

What happen to the originality of this channel when Chef Mario or Chef Emeril both had a show and were doing fabulous work showing how to cook dishes step by step? Is not that what the Food Network was originally created for? Now this network has turned into a frequent programming of Guy Fieri showing or the next food star. This raises the final question now that the vice president has left this network who step forward within and make some damage control changes on behalf of the viewers and start to pay homage to cooking for what it is, a skill and talent of art.

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Keep monthly budget and Christian values together when shopping

crucifixAs we approach Christmas the shopping days will become busier. There are two items that hold importance when shopping one is staying within the family budget the other is shopping with a business that holds Christian values. Every year especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas time it seems there are certain business owners who have appeared to lower their standards and not shown their faith to the public shoppers. A perfect example of this is comparison is when Starbucks has chosen a solid red and green cup for the holidays and Dunkin Donuts has chosen a white cup showing a beautiful decoration and the word Joy in cursive. The style Dunkin Donuts is using for the Christmas holiday actually shows the company is happy to show their faith.

Customers now have something they can use before shopping and see which business actually has a higher faith value; it’s called a Faith Equality Index (FEI). There are tons of companies reviewed on this index, not just a small business retailer. Consumers can actually look for anything from restaurants to health insurance, to the best faith equality airline. This is a very Christian oriented index that is well worth using as it does let small business owners know the consumer is faith oriented and they do have Christian values that should be respected and always remembered.

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Bring economical and business growth back into the United States

business creationSmall business builds economy growth, creates jobs, and makes profit to repeat from the beginning. That is the benefit of being a small business owner. A very professional website can now service small business owners who want higher ranking on search engines and a better image of their website. Check out Four Circle Marketing as they can bring your business full circle by providing:

  • Web design and web service
  • Development capability
    • Ecommerce
    • Facebook
  • Marketing options
    • Online marketing
    • Social media marketing
  • PPC management
  • Mobile Applications

Four Circle Marketing provides consumers with the capability and skills of a very impressive and intense list for a small company but they are prepared to build any website service or product up through the search engines to get that profitable return. The American economy is having trouble but now is the best time for gaining the highest level of attention and Four Circle Marketing can help make those ends meet.

Marketing is only the beginning of building your business it continues forward onto communication with other business owners and becoming a solid leader in what your company develops, sells, or provides as a service. Small business growth belongs here in the United States to provide employment to many skilled workers and rebuild our US Economy.

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Quick lesson brought back to mind when freelance job searching


I have been working in freelance for many years and because it has been many years there has been some time those little lessons have slipped my mind. Working as a freelance copywriter gigs for many years has given me quite a good amount of skill and experience but there are things about freelance in general that were soon forgotten. It is unfortunately one of those important things that almost cost me a large amount of money. I’m sure the readers are already stirring thoughts of what happen; well give me a moment and I will spill it and with whom.

I made the discovery of a company called Outsource and thinking they could assist me in finding a freelance gig I took it upon myself to check them out and got an account. What I didn’t think about was the six month fee of $101 that was requested. Needless to say I refused to pay it and began researching the company and started to discover many persons were scammed after the fact or never even given a chance to obtain a job because of how the company ran.

I learned my lesson that day and remembered the freelancer’s #1 rule; don’t ever pay money for a job, the job pays you money.

A good lesson to every person that wants to be a freelancer or is currently a freelancer; always watch where you are getting your jobs from.

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The week of August 24 What’s for Dinner

Courtesy of Free Digital Photos.net

Courtesy of Free Digital Photos.net

Here we are at the 2nd to last week of August; wonder if it’s me or if this month has gone quickly? I don’t know about your area but here where I am the kids are going back to school this week. Unsure how parents feel about that. I’m sure they are quite excited but I’m also sure a lot of them are thinking in the back of their minds what to do for dinners because now habits kind of change from how they were in the summer months. Here is a menu plan to go with for the week of August 24th.

Monday, August 24

Slow Cooker Pork Chop Casserole

Tuesday, August 25

Crockpot Orange Chicken

Wednesday, August 26

3-Ingredient Crockpot Lasagna

Thursday, August 27

Crockpot Stuffed Red Peppers

Friday, August 28

Crockpot Buffalo Ranch Chicken Tenders

Saturday, August 29

Crockpot Pulled Pork Chili

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Is your garden ready for final harvest

Supertrooper / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Supertrooper / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Those of you who are growing your summer garden are most likely watching what is growing in your garden and constantly tending to what is taking place. There is most likely a lot of activity taking place with the garden growth due to the weather changes over the past few months as well. Now that we are nearing cooler weather much faster and it seems to be changing at a quick pace those of us who have a garden need to think about what to do with caring for our garden because of this weather change to not cause damage to the produce that has grown. There are some who have chosen to plant larger gardens with rows of organic corn that do not need harvesting until after the weather has began to get closer to fall.

The growing of a garden whether it is fresh onions, fresh tomatoes  or rows of organic sweet corn it is a beneficial and wonderful savings for having vegetables right from your garden as it will save money when shopping at the grocery store. Plus there are so many things you can do with them after obtaining them from the garden. The Internet can help you with multiple ideas on what to do with fresh vegetables from your garden by just doing a search using Google.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and continue to visit this section as I will be updating it with tasty recipes as we enter the fall and winter months.

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Could fast food ordering machines be the replacement for wage hike?

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net and idea go

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net and idea go

For the past few months there has been quite the talk about employees wanting an increase in their hourly pay. The employees who demand this pay raise are fast food employees because they feel their minimum wage hourly pay is not good enough to make their monthly bill payments. For years, fast food employment has always been a way to build work skills and learn how to speak with the public. Fast food positions are considered stepping stone jobs but it seems there are some employees who have considered different and want to continue making the minimum wage. That is their choice to work within that job and for that company. Because employees have chosen to force employers to raise their pay rate it has caused these business owners to take action and consider looking at how to save the business itself.

By employees doing this it has caused chaos in the fast food industry it has also caused difficulty to the fast food business operations itself. Because there has been a request of higher wages fast food companies are now researching the use of robots and technology within the company and how to implement that capability.

By implementing an ordering machine which a customer can use to place an order with it will lower the amount of servers needed and the amount of paychecks sent out every month. The goal is for customers to find ordering machines easy to place their order and fast food business owners to obtain more customers in the end. The fast food industry has been considering the use of an ordering machine as it will be a benefit to both customer and business, everyone is happy. Because ordering machines are technology of the future and fast food has been forced to increase minimum wage this combination could be the change on just how fast food gets managed and served to the public.

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How do you job search?

Courtesy of Free Digital Photos.net and Phasinphoto

Courtesy of Free Digital Photos.net and Phasinphoto

When looking for your career job whether it is online or at a local job fair are you doing this on your own, with someone else who is searching for a job career or are you job seeking with a network?

Think about this for a moment. If you do this on your own good for you and that is a wonderful step in the right direction. What if you were to attend a job fair with another individual who is job seeking as well? You could both share in gas expenses, discuss the various employers that will be at the job fair, and also discuss points after meeting with choice employers and handing out resumes.

Now what about having that same idea in mind and meeting in a job network that everyone within the area can meet together and discuss their experiences and share thoughts on their spot interview in a brief summary over coffee. Everyone can meet at a certain time and it doesn’t have to be in person, it could be online at a special location already provided to everyone wanting to attend.

There are many ways to perform a job search the main goal is to know help is out there and the assistance can be gotten for free. You can easily obtain job searching ideas and build new ideas just by speaking to other job seekers. Don’t be afraid to help one another as job seeking is a learning experience and the more you do the better you will become. Best wishes at building your network and finding that job career!

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