How to build business through the pricing of products

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can further a customer base once there has been pricing of products or services for their business. Use this scenario as an example:

Amy owns a store that sells bath gel. Her first goal is to ensure all products are marked with a price that will provide the best ROI (Return of Investment) after they are purchased. With that scenario in mind, setting the price of a product is done using the price of your product: 1) cost of material, 2) labor cost, and 3) production cost.

Material, labor, and production costs are used as all three variables will help determine the value worth of your product itself and exactly how much you should expect to get in return of investment from a consumer when it is purchased by them at the register. This determination may take a bit of time however once you begin going through the three steps above it will make more sense on how and why finding that final price is such an important number to your business.


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