How to market with Twitter

Original publication: Omaha business, 1/30/2013
Many writers, businesses, and advertisers could benefit the use of Twitter as a market tool simply because it is a specific to their consumer base as well as the service or product being sold at the time. More importantly, there are specific things that can be done when using Twitter to get the attention from readers and viewers of the social media market as by taking these extra steps will help build and enhance the posting.

For example, did you know when someone wishes to build attention to a post there is something called a hash tag that can build more readers and bring attention to what is being posted. A great example can be seen in the Twitter advertising example below.

Check out Gem Diesel website for #jobs as they provide #CDL-training great benefits and pay!  Visit the website today –

Word value is more important than word amount when making a post on Twitter. The better the
post the more readers will follow who wrote it. Another key to posting on Twitter is giving the needed data to find more news. For example, it does not always matter what type of advertisement is being posted but what will help most is when Twitter social media readers sees a website address they can click on to visit. To a reader when having a URL it is like a gatekeeper opening the doors to opportunity. A helpful item that is free for shortening website addresses is Tiny URL. This item can be found online and it is very easy to use as it will allow the user to enter the website then it will provide a shrunken address specifically made using an encrypted code which will show something similar to what is in the above post.

Another item many Twitter posts can include and actually build a reader following with is something called hash tags. What is a hash tag; a hash tag is actually given to a post, and these type tags can actually build trends should there be a continuing visit or search by readers of the specific hash tag. For example, in the above balloon it shows the hash tag #jobs used in the article. This does two things, it builds a hash tag for jobs based on how it is written, and it expresses Gem Diesel is hiring. When a Twitter reader searches the hash tag #jobs the above post will appear showing everything in its entirety.  This will also occur should the Twitter reader do a search for the hash tag #CDL-training because that particular item was also included in the advertisement.

Twitter postings allow the user an ability to advertise and build followers as well as readers because of how content and hash tags are written. That is the importance of advertising in social media and the benefit of using Twitter.


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