Is social media the answer for job recruiters in 2013?

Original publication: Career section, 12/19/2012
Social media has been used for many things over the years; from professional networking to business marketing, to playing games with friends. It would seem according to Bloomberg Businessweek recruiters have a very strong idea the social media is going to come in play for seeking out the smartest and finest candidate that can fit into the job.

“Recruiters are filling openings faster by relying on new tools that scour social networks and target workers who aren’t necessarily looking for jobs.” –Olga Kharif, 2012

A professional social media group that many have found to be quite useful for obtaining contacts as well as building resources to gain employment is Linked In. This professional network has been growing strong with many new features to help recruiters and job seeking candidates. When using the Linked In tool, an important point is to create a profile that will catch attention of recruiters and obtain that job.


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