Job skills required for 2013

According to the Wall Street Journal, a short list of major job skills will be closely considered by employers when looking for the right personnel. These job skills can be self taught and enhanced over time.

1. Communication skills – solid communication skills are helpful in office, retail staffing, and other types of jobs. The ability to speak clearly and effectively will be quite helpful when working within a team for projects and when providing details individually for clarification.

2. Building social media ability – social media is an important job tool because it can be used for networking as well as finding jobs. One social media group is the professional group Linked In whereas Facebook falls into a “fun” category because it has games. A job candidate should consider what he or she does post.

3. Change management – employees must have the readiness to learn new items and the ability to change with new technology as it appears within. A company constantly wants to keep up and something it wants to do is have an employee that is ready and able to learn new skills within a reasonable period. When employees show willingness to perform this type of activity without questioning, business owners are quicker to focus on persons with high motivation.

4. Production skills – employees should have a higher skill level in quality and quantity production, as those skills will benefit their production levels in the workplace. When quality skill is used, it benefits service and product for the consumer. The quality skill can be used when providing oral and written communication presentations. Another important factor within any employment is how much an employee is willing to put forth and offer to perform. In other words, production within the place of employment is an important factor for 2013 hiring, as employers will consider those.


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