Should black boxes be considered for ferryboats now?

Every morning a ferry travels from New Jersey to New York bringing many into Manhattan so they can begin their workday. For some odd reason, the trip that took place from New Jersey to New York yesterday was not business as usual; it actually turned the world upside down for many travelers.

The ferry captain experienced trouble when coming into Manhattan with the ferry, as something did not seem right; this in turn caused the crash to take place. According to MyFoxNY, the number of travelers injured in the damage is above 90.

The most perplexing factor is with a ferry that had efficient work done to it last summer for performance improvement yet instead of improving it actually failed. It raises the question could there be a connection between what took place between the improvement variables and this accident. It also raises the question why is it ferryboats do not carry black boxes inside of them to provide details when cases like this occur?


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