Great small business marketing trend ideas for 2013

Originally published: Omaha Small business section 12/17/2012

Every business starts out with the question how can we market and advertise our product/service to the customer? As the business moves forward to the next year that question is asked again for improvement. For the 2013 year, below is a listing of four marketing trends to assist small business owners enhance, build, and improve consumer service:

Cell phone applications – mobile phone developers are constantly developing ideas on how cell phones can be used. For example, the 2012 cell phone application constantly used is finding the best price, what will be the best app for 2013?

Business websites – a business must have a website that provides detail to their service or product. A suggestion to consider as an addition, the website should provide the consumer ability to purchase items or schedule services. This will save the consumer time and build money for the small business.

Branding product/service – a business can use polls, surveys, including trials to determine who and what specific market their products and/or services will sell.

Coupon offers or discounts – coupons have been used by business owners for marketing purposes over the years but these ideas are making another return with new and fresh ideas. Using discounts or coupons for products and services for your business can build consumer sales and profit for 2013.


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