How will a Curriculum Vitae get me a job from graduate school

A question heard from graduate students and job seekers is what exactly is a curriculum vitae resume? A curriculum vitae resume, aka C.V., is much different in comparison to a resume because of what is involved. For example,  Career Planning at defines a C.V. as “A curriculum vitae is a written description of your work experience, educational background and skills.” This resume type is helpful to job candidates seeking higher education positions.

When writing out a C.V. it will take a bit more time than a basic resume because of the content involved. Purdue Owl provides a wonderful guide on how to begin and complete this type of resume structure. On top of the basics that belong in a resume (work experience, skills, education, etc) the amount of pages should be kept to no more than two at maximum. It is estimated employers spend 30 seconds on a resume to seek out key elements of what is needed for hiring a job candidate. With that being said, when writing a resume it should be summarized and written in a way that will capture the eye of the hiring manager. This takes practice however; there are a few brief resume rules that can make a resume stand out at attention. Day provides an excellent thought process when building a curriculum vitae resume as it helps consider each section from beginning to end. Another important suggestion when building your resume, plan on writing out your cover letter and using the keywords that are listed in the job advertisement. The cover letter gives opportunity to sell skills and obtain an interview.


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