How will Affordable health care act effect the hiring of employees

Original publish: Career section December 11, 2012

Due to this health insurance act change, many small business owners are questioning how it will influence the status of employees. An example is a business owner who has 99 employees throughout his franchises with only few employees having full medical benefits. This small business owner is concerned, as he does not know what will happen once this plan goes into full effect as of 2014.

According to New York Times, “By 2014, businesses with 50 or more full-time employees will be expected to offer as yet undefined affordable coverage, based on an employee’s income.” Employers who have over 50 employees that are not insured could be faced with a particular fine. At this time, the fine is $2,000 per full time employee. Small business owners are now asking the question should there be a drop in full time hours after this health care act goes into effect and avoid the penalty fine.  Since Obama Care will affect both business owners as well as job seekers, there are many unanswered questions still.


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