Top 10 job interview mistakes to avoid

Originally published: Career section, 10/5/2012

A hiring manager has many tasks he or she does in one day then to go through the process of sorting resumes followed by interviews it can be very frustrating. A job candidate should keep certain points in mind to ensure he or she is being professional when walking through that door of the hiring manager. It can be common for anxiety to take place from job candidates but there are certain job interview mistakes that can be avoided.

  1. Bad breath; use a breath mint to resolve this issue
  2. Arriving late for interview; make sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early
  3. Being unprepared; gather all items the night before so they are ready
  4. Chewing gum; remove gum before entering the business if you have any otherwise don’t chew gum
  5. Inquiry of salary amount; the hiring manager provides this information
  6. Not asking questions on position duties; not asking questions about the position shows lack of interest about the job itself
  7. Did not turn off cell phone ringer before interview; not turning off your cell phone during an interview is very rude
  8. Candidate speaks arrogantly; never speak in this tone of voice as it is unprofessional
  9. Not dressed professionally; dress in a professional business attire as you would wear in a company
  10. Candidate rambled with answers or did not provide enough information; practice the night before going to the interview if necessary to ensure answers are summarized and full of detail

Hiring managers are seeking that special person to work with a team setting as well as someone who can work for their company. The top 10 job interview mistakes can be avoided by practicing with a friend. Good luck at your next job interview!


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