A new reason to use Evernote

Originally published: Examiner.com Omaha Small Business section 2/4/2013

I discovered a new capability with Evernote the other day and was so impressed by it. Not only can this software be downloaded offline and saved to your laptop, desktop, or other item I found a perfect way to keep daily notes. Because this application will allow me to build notebooks I decided to start a notebook specifically called “Journal,” what I use it for is tracking my daily activity that I do every day from running errands to writing assignments.

After doing that type of notebook, it came to mind using Evernote would be a perfect application to help many to track or keep track of job interviews. For example, the job candidate can create a notebook and name it “Jobs applied” in that notebook. What I like to do is include the date of the interview right in the header itself. In other words, the user can write something like
“Account Manager January 24, 2013”

You can then create a note with a title where you applied then for the details provide contact information with name, phone number and specific information of what was discussed. It would also be a good idea to provide information on the day of the interview so you can keep track on when to contact the hiring manager back. The great thing about using this philosophy, for each note taken should you use the above example you will see the date with the job for a header then below written details allowing you to know exactly what is going on. All the user needs to do is click on the note and it will appear in the right window.


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