Thanks to technology, not all employees need be present

Article published Omaha Small Business Section, March 7, 2013

America has become a technological world this day and age. Technology is only going to increase in the future, not decrease. With that being said, before telecommuting can be started a business must go through a specific foundation planning. This planning stage begins with determining what departments can telecommute and what departments cannot. Once that decision has been reached, the next stage is to then determine who within those departments will be considered for telecommute training.

Because each department works differently, specific training should be provided to ensure all employees understand the new policy put into place for telecommuting. The company should also provide a helpful brief train on time management to persons who will be telecommuting from their home so employees are aware how to manage tasks, projects, and busy work throughout the day while being in the home environment. In the end, telecommuting is a very large benefit to multiple companies performing business within the United States and abroad. Telecommuting is a major benefit as it is benefits companies to perform business on the computer after hours with the helpful software such as Skype, a free video software that can help groups of people meet remotely from anywhere at any time of day. Another social media great is Twitter as it is social media and private chat software. The great thing about Twitter users can log in at website, no software needed.


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