Why is it that Eric Holder did not allow FBI 48 hours?


The FBI was not given the ability to question this suspect and I find it quite interesting as everything leads up to one person, Eric Holder is the ONLY person who could of squashed it!

The FBI had a surprise visit from the Fed magistrate at the hospital which included a defense attorney and a prosecutor. The suspect since then has said no word on anything and I find this quite interesting as the only person who could of called such action is the AG. Why does it not surprise me that this man has screwed up AGAIN?! This is not the first time this has happened; it happened the first time during Fast and Furious and here we go again. I cannot believe this man and his unethical actions! It just shows me he does not care about what happens within the United States because he was not willing to allow the FBI to do their business and perform their questioning.

Did this AG nor WH administration not want answers as to where the next bit of activity could of taken place? Apparently not.




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