Space Bags are fantastic storage items!

I’ve been packing up winter clothes since the warmer weather is approaching. I have always seen advertisements for something called Space Bags but was unsure if they could be trusted; call it intuition but I just had that gut feeling. After purchasing two cubes and two other packing sizes. This far I have used both cubes and had the ability to pack 3/4 of everyone’s sweaters and winter items after they have been cleaned. What I find more wonderful about this product is it holds the wonderful smell and the clothing is so fresh after it is opened. How I discovered this I had to test out the vacuum just one time to make sure it worked and WOW what a lovely surprise!

The great thing now is, I have two more Space Bags to use and with having only 3/4 of the sweaters left and a few winter items I will actually have extra space to store everything plus some. I was even able to store an heirloom quilt that was made for me so it could not be damaged, what a blessing since I only use it  during the winter months and want to keep it protected during other times of the year. I actually now will have extra space with my Rubbermaid storage tubs for more items so I feel quite fortunate to have spent the small amount to achieve such a large amount of storage space. Well worth the purchase! 


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