How can a government be trusted when they resemble 1972 all over again?

It is quite interesting how this same exact WH administration is acting the same exact form as Nixon reacted in the many ways he cringed whenever someone were to question his actions. How is it that someone can actually trust the current government when it is currently having companies such as Verizon trace the activity taking place on person’s phones. Why is it this government should be trusted due to their actions?

Why is Eric Holder still in office for not upholding his position and telling the truth? Why is it Mr. Holder has not been questioned for phone tracing a news reporter who was only doing his job? Why is it Mr. Holder has not been held for providing the full truth in what happened in Fast and Furious?

These are only a few select questions about the current White House administration but they do raise much concern to the American taxpayer. What also has raised much concern is there are no rules of fair law being followed by this White House when it comes to rules and regulation. It would seem every person within this current administration feels nothing can happen to them because they are at the highest level.

They must be reminded, we are THE PEOPLE of the United States of America and those who are in the White House work for THE PEOPLE and those who are in the White House can be placed in prison, impeached, and/or go to jail for their actions should felonies have been committed against America’s children. We, the People will not stand for any wrongful doing.


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