Chronic Migraine Pain Management

Chronic Migraine Pain Management

Article and graphic by Sue Elvins
June 8, 2013

Are there categories for prescription migraine medications on the market?
Because there are many chronic migraine types including the patient themselves, specific classes of migraine prescription medication are available to match a patient’s need as closely as possible. For example, the Mayo Clinic provides a well-defined list in which medications are placed. There are two medication categories in where these types have been placed: 1) pain relieving medication or 2) preventative medication. Within the category of pain relieving medication, we have a variety of options for medical doctors to choose from to help manage pain management such as pain relievers, triptans, ergot, anti-nausea, opiates, and dexamethasone. Within the category of preventative medication, there are beta-blockers, antidepressants, specific types of anti-seizure medications, one antihistamine drug,
and Botox.

What is the difference between pain relieving and preventative medication types?
There is a large difference between pain and prevention especially in the area of chronic migraine treatment. First, this disability is quite different from one patient to the next so not all medication will have the same effect. Secondly, each patient has various migraine types so there are some persons who can benefit with pain medication whereas others will benefit more appropriately with a preventative and there are persons who will benefit with a combination of using both types. The reason for this category difference is to allow differences to be made in how each medication can help a patient with the various symptoms that may take place when a migraine takes place. Medications work differently
for each symptom so it is important to keep in mind that even though one type medication works well
for one patient it may not provide relief for another.

Pain management can be difficult for chronic migraine patients but there is hope as technology has discovered something can be done for migraine surgery to cure patients unable to find relief by use of traditional therapy and


medication. Because patients are unique, some patients may not be considered for obtaining this type of surgery. It is a matter of going through the stages of medication and other migraine treatments first then further being tested for this particular type of surgery before anything will take place.  In essence, there are fantastic doctors who provide caring treatment with simple pain management plans to patients so they can be the best person possible on a daily basis while managing life with chronic migraines.


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