Will never use XP again!

Just made an attempt to use my old laptop to see what was on it and it was a major mistake. It took forever for loading! I thought it had something to do with the system itself but the more I thought about it the further it began to consider it was due to the operating system itself – Windows XP was still residing, a major headache to deal with as it was so much waiting to go from one task to another. I could no longer tolerate waiting for what I needed to do with the speed it took so I just quit while I was ahead and shut the system down. When I have more time to waste I can then search through but I’m fairly sure it will not be for long.

I learned one thing is certain, I will never use Windows XP operating system again. I prefer Windows Vista due to the fast response time. Even though Win 7 is a bit better, I actually like Windows Vista as it seems to be one of the most friendly in performance.



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2 responses to “Will never use XP again!

  1. William Grimes

    WindowsXP is a great operating system. Being older, it has it’s limitations. Of course it will always run slower the older it gets, a large part of it running slow is determined by how much is has to load on start up. Your system could just be bugged out by too much to load! I have since moved on from XP to Win7, and LOVE Win7, runs smooth and never had a single issue with it.


    • Don’t get me wrong, during the time frame of when I had it the OS worked just fine but as for now, it’s not worth a hill of beans to me. I prefer the use of Windows Vista or Windows 7 to do what I need to do in regards to the ability of multi tasking. I have a faster HP and being a writer and a graphics person Vista (on laptop) and Windows 7 (on desktop) can both handle the load pending on what is needed.

      Since I’ve wiped out the majority of everything from the older laptop I’ve actually considered putting Ubuntu on it but for nnow I just don’t have time to deal with the issue as there’s more important factors between projects of making money and writing. I do appreciate your comments. Have a good day Mr. Grimes!


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