Obamanomics is Betraying the Middle Class by Floyd Brown

With Barack Obama barnstorming the country like it’s October in a presidential election year, I thought we should take a closer look at his latest statements (read: fantasies). The more I hear Obama talk, the more nauseated I become – he’s either the dumbest person ever elevated to the White House, or he’s purposefully trying to destroy the economy.  Either way, he’s causing a tremendous amount of damage to America.

His latest crusade is jobs, specifically well-paying jobs for middle-class workers. Nice of him to notice that, since he was elected president, middle-class incomes have dropped like a rock. The latest data shows real income is now down a full 10%.

On top of our non-recovery, we have a mushrooming regulatory morass. And we’re now poised to fall back into recession without ever really recovering in the first place. Even the boot-licking Obama media is honest enough to call what we’re seeing a “jobless recovery.” Story covered below…

Obamanomics is Betraying the Middle Class –  .


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