Op Ed: United States needs to mind their own business- stay out of Syria

For some time now there has been serious activity taking place in Syria with rebel activity. Because of that activity taking place the Syrian Prime Minister chose to take the action of using chemical warfare to stop these rebels from acting in such a way. The problem when using chemical warfare is it does not only effect that group of particular persons it impacts all persons around including the group aimed at. The results from chemicals being used by this Prime Minister are women, children, and men that have doing nothing are being killed automatically, suffering a very inhumane way of life from breathing in chemicals in the air, or they are loosing limbs or all of the above.

The Syrian Prime Minister has chosen to no longer use the police force to control the Syrian rebels and turn to chemical warfare because he cannot control the people in his country. It opens dialogue with questions as to why this is taking place and why it is this PM is having such difficulty in leading the citizens of this country. But more than that a larger question is why should the United States of America get involved with the activity taking place within this country because our nation operates under an entirely different set of laws in comparison and diplomacy.

The United Kingdom has chosen not to get involved with Syria strike and it is a very smart move on their part. The country of France has stated they want more documentation on this matter before becoming involved with this matter. Again, that is quite smart for a country wanting more information. This raises the question as to why it is the United States wishes to get involved with a country entirely different in diplomacy and secondly the United States will be doing this by themselves. It has been known the United States tends to be the largest gorilla in the room in regards to the strategic matters but in this case, China, Russia, and Iraq are all taking the sides of Syria. Considering those three countries together and what each country has on it’s own is dangerous enough then considering what each country can use together opens up another dialogue that must be considered as it opens up very devistating and damaging troubles towards the United States should this matter be attempted. It is best the United States mind the business of what is happening within this nation and stay out of the Middle East as this is an area we do not want to become involved in.


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