The government will shut down because POTUS cannot do his job

It has been proven that the POTUS does not know how to work for WE the people and listen to WE the people and he does not know how to listen to WE the people FOR the people. So, with that being said the government will shut down because this man does not care nor does he wish to do his job correctly. He only wants to do one thing campaign about his Presidential legacy and continue to campaign about his wishes instead of doing what is right to take care of the American people.

It is quite difficult knowing what is about to happen in a few days with the nightmare train that is about to crash called ObamaCare but the only thing that We the American people can wait for is to see what damage takes place. Both the House and the Senate have taken care of the government funds for now but should Harry Reid make an attempt to change anything to force ObamaCare go through it will cause a government shut down.

No working American wants this health insurance train that is moving come to a wreck but what the POTUS, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are all doing are forcing the rails to cause a wreck. The economy is quite frail as of now because many are unable to find work and persons who can find work are only able to find part-time work. With this health care train wreck it will only cause more businesses to lower the current working hours to part-time, not hire any new employees, or should personnel be hired it will be for working hours so low he/she will not be able to obtain health insurance.

What is more deeply concerning about this matter is the health care law itself. There are many exchange options that Congress has provided to improve this current health care law yet this current POTUS refuses to listen. I ask the question, why is it that this current POTUS is being so pig headed and not willing to listen to the representatives that were hired (i.e. voted in by the American people) and work for the American people? Would it not be more common sense to make this particular health care law as perfect as possible for the American people rather than just throw something that is so out of touch, destructive, and damaging?!


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