Soros must be stopped now, proven ties to vote-counting

I am very disturbed by the latest findings with George Soros and what this man has been doing with vote counting. According to reports it shows Soros has had activity in changing vote matters to suit his own benefit and that is illegal. This man is committing white-collar crimes and it needs to be stopped. I would like to know what the United States intends to do about this man as this matter is quite disturbing and considering how the former POTUS votes were oddly counted it raises the question was this current vote-counting scheme involved?

I believe our CIA and the FBI should be on this matter immediately. Not only that there should be further matters involving who else is involved with this vote-counting scheme. The United States is a free country and should always be a free country. George Soros came from Germany a country that was led from a dictator; the United States will never EVER have a dictator for President as the Americans will not allow that to take place.

George Soros must be placed in prison as this man is a criminal and the United States judicial law must place this man in prison where he cannot ever have access to do harm to another human being, ever!


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