OP-ED: Why large American companies ignore American job seekers

There has been some improvement for job creation but not much. What is more disturbing is from large companies and the greediness activity that is taking place. Have you ever happen to see where the new jobs are being wanted these days? Did you happen to see most of these new jobs are taking place overseas and not here in the United States where they are really needed? There are still millions of unemployed people who are seeking work and there are millions of people who have given up the idea of finding a job because no company is hiring within the United States. 

It’s quite depressing to discover there are large businesses who are now hiring yet the locations for these jobs are outside of America. It brings one word question to mind, why? Why is it these companies are hiring outside of America and not helping those who are desperately in need, out of a job and wanting to go back to work? 

Here is my thoought… 1) It begins with large American companies that choose to hire overseas rather than hire within the United States because of greed. 2) American companies who hire overseas are American companies with that money and greed power feeling who are only willing to pay a lesser hourly rate to get a job done. How can the above be resolved, a few federal branches can step in to resolve this; the FTC, FCC, Dept of Economical Trade Commission, and I’m sure there are a few others, In the end this matter can be resolved between business, financial and economical issues.

For example, the economical department can research further as to how a large American company can easily get away with building overseas and not pay a higher fee. Perhaps there is a loop hole being jumped through which needs to be closed. Another factor that needs to be researched, how is it that large businesses can have the ability to open up shop here within the United States easier and with benefit? This will allow large American companies to expand and keep the jobs here for the persons who need the work. Now, something we need to keep in mind is the current status taking place in our economy. The above factors must be considered to keep American large businesses happy but also ensure employment within the USA as it will keep Americans employed and the American economy strong. 




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