Wasteful spending when caring is an order

Why is it that Congress continues wasteful spending when caring is an order? Why is it Congress does not give a damn what money is being spent where month to month. A perfect example is where funds have been taken; monies that were to be given to medical needs and the Wounded Warriors project are now being used for a Maryland parking lot that has never been touched and sat for years. What is it that makes the state of Maryland more important than men and women who have fought for this country? Why is it this state who is one with high tax rates cannot complete it themselves without taking money from federal funds?

It is quite disturbing that a state with well paid tax rates feels the need to take away funding from  those who have fought day after day to protect the United States of America. Shame on the state of Maryland for taking away funds from the Wounded Warriors project and for shame on those accountants who manage the federal budget for allowing the state of Maryland to have such funds!


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