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Greetings everyone…

Wanted to let you know that all is well but also wanted to let you in on some great news. I have just chosen to begin a fantastic blog that is built not only around conservatism but it is going to be based on our country, America. I am doing it for you and everyone within this country to support the needs of family, children, and the elderly. We have so many things that need to be said to the politicians in Washington, D.C yet very few of them seem to be listening. I think it is time that Americans stand up and let our voices be heard.

I am prepared to speak loudly by text media and let everyone know my opinions and my feelings of just how I feel the People’s House needs to be changed. We must all work together to create a better more formative change to correct the damage that has taken place since the current POTUS has been put into office five years ago and what he is doing now with his “pen and signature”.

In order for everyone to do that we all must work together and I have started a blog in which we can begin to speak loudly as one. A fabulous Senator, Ted Cruz -TX once said “Make DC Listen” well I am using those three words and giving everyone in Washington, D.C the ability to listen to what the people of America have to say now that we are entering another election cycle for 2014 then again on 2016. Join me on the new blog as all political discussions will be moved onto it from this blog so they can stay together. Here is the link – Make DC Listen

Bookmark that blog and visit as you can. I am moving and adding updates onto it frequently. As I said all political and conservative documentation will be moved onto it so please bookmark.


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