Op-Ed: Don’t be fooled by telework companies

I have just been played for a fool by a telework company and wanted to share an experience for everyone to be aware of. Ever heard of a company by the name TeleReach? I learned my lesson very quickly and will never recommend anyone to sit through an interview nor make the attempt with this company as they are only seeking those who know very little (sheep) to work for them.

I spent what felt like hours sitting through the first interview then afterward the person who was holding this presentation played games in taking the calendar appointments and proceeded to schedule my appointment wrong. What I found more interesting is while awaiting for this appointment to take place I am constantly receiving email after email from them to sign up for the first appointment from this company which I have already gone through. I am beginning to think at this point in time these presenters have absolutely no clue who is running the show and are only based on greed more than satisfying the consumer, mark 1 against the company. The second mark against the company was a form letter telling me I was not fit for the company, etc. What the hell?! I did not even go through the second interview and this appeared out of nowhere.

After obtaining the above that places a black mark against the joke of this company. What I find more troublesome is the way the job advertisement is written as it is not stating exactly what the job is about. This position is outbound telemarketing, it is not inbound, it is not per hour. This is commission only. All of this information is not listed within the advertisement and is not provided to you until going through the presentation itself. Now in most cases when going through a job listing companies that are honest will tell you who they are, what they will pay you, and the responsibilities expected; not this one. So, with that being said I am posting a beware of notice for the company mentioned above.

On a final thought, as I come across others I will blog about them along with my experience I have encountered. I encourage others to share their thoughts because job seekers need to be aware of who to avoid for scams and what small business owners are the solid business companies that want employees willing to work for them. Most importantly employers who will hire personnel without expecting an employee to pay for training.


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