Brain injuries are serious issues

An interview was recently shown on the Fox Insider discussing a person who experienced a brain injury then afterward his IQ became quite efficient in mathmatics. Brain injuries are very dangerous regardless of when they occur and quite difficult to recover from. What makes this issue difficult is the brain has sufferred a traumatic experience and it must recover. It is a minimum time period of six months for the brain to begin feeling better and start healing.

When the brain begins the healing process it must determine the best way to heal itself and find specific routes for weaving thoughts and memory so it will work the best way possible. The brain is broken into four quadrons and using those four sections the brain will determine the best wave flow just like the ocean moves during the seasons. Note: I provide the above example to you speaking on my own terms as I have experienced two brain surgeries for my unique case.

Courtesy of renjith krishnan

Courtesy of renjith krishnan

Because every person heals different each patient will heal different. Back to the point at hand, brain injury is a dangerous issue regardless of what takes place whether it is surgery, concussion, stroke or something else. No person should ever have the desire of wanting to go through this just so they can possibly experience what can take place during the healing process. More importantly, it is quite upsetting to see many persons stating they wish to be knocked over the head to have sense smacked into themselves. I find it very disturbing as these same persons most likely have not a clue what a brain injury entails.

My prayers to God of strength for persons who have experienced brain injuries. My prayers to God of forgiveness to those who speak in foul tone about brain injury as they do not fully understand what this injury is and can only think of themselves not of others.


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