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Supertrooper / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Supertrooper / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

After writing the different articles I have done the past few days and nearing the end of the week, this would be about the time my mom and I begin to say a three word phrase to one another. Of course we always said I love you but this is more on the terms of groceries. Let me explain, many times she and I would sit together at the kitchen table on a Friday night or even Saturday morning before going to the grocery store and together we would start building a food list for everything that we needed for ingredients. It was always such a task as my mom would be thinking of things and writing them down while I would be scanning through coupons and cutting them out. It got to be rather frustrating after a while but it saved on money every time we did it so it was well worth doing.

What made matters easier was starting to look through the cookbook ahead of time and planning ahead just a little bit with the grocery list and the coupons. When we started to do those little things it actually made matters a bit easier every Saturday morning since that was the day for us to do grocery shopping. So an idea has come about to start the new article section “what’s for dinner” as it will provide family recipes to help plan a grocery list and be easy on shopping and searching for grocery coupons.The first family menu plan will be given out this Saturday morning so stay tuned!


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