Dog jerky is being recalled again

Image courtesy of Photokanok /

Image courtesy of Photokanok /

Here we go again. This type of recall took place once before with a dog jerky recall and it was all due to the same factor; toxic ingredients. It raises a few prime questions and the main question is why is it that the nation of China cannot clean their manufacturing plants that they do this type of production in. Secondly, why is it American companies are obtaining ingredients from an overseas company that is unable to perform safe production that can be consumable by our canine animals?

It is quite disturbing to know there are errors taking place and what is being digested yet nothing seems to be done about it from the companies here in the states. They are not correcting who they do business with. Why is that? Do they care about consumers or their canine friends? Do they care about the profit margin and making the monthly bonus? It would seem the answer is more the latter as there have been no changes since this is the second time this issue has taken place and once again the United States has gotten this warning.

I just discovered something earlier today that I did not know in regards to a company that makes dog food and I am not happy about it. Ever heard of the company Purina? I’m sure you have. They might say made in United States or USA but did you know that they obtain an ingredient from China to put into their dog treats? It raises the question what else is this company doing to cheat the consumer and what else is this company that can harm our pets?

When something states “Made in U.S.A.” I believe that phrase to be fully in tact and not false. Now I need to question everything on every company when it comes to consumption especially dog treats that are given to my pets. I highly suggest every pet owner be watchful, speak with their vet frequently if they find something not quite right with Fido and be an advocate on this matter.

Toxic jerky treats linked to more than 1,000 dog deaths.


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