Time to put a stop to decibel noise

I do not have an issue with boom boxes, stereos, etc. But where I draw the line is when they become a daily disturbance to what I need to do in my home on a daily basis. I work from home to make a living and pay my bills. I am a disabled person and I do not have the ability to work outside of the house like those who can drive and have the privilege to get a driver’s license.

With that being said, I have to rely on my skills and my computer to do my job. What I am starting to hear a lot of within the neighborhood are persons who do not seem to think about those outside of the home and/or building they are in when playing a radio or sub-woofer. Prime example, I am inside my home and I am effected by the bass sound of music taking coming out of them. The noise causes a disturbance for my type of working with clients as I need to be on the phone frequently and it also causes the disturbance to just think clearly.

I have found a decibel article that discuss this matter and it discusses how low bass tones can actually cause serious headaches; I have to wonder if that is why I am starting to have migraines more often. I feel decibel range and the damage it can cause needs to be made more public especially in the health news so everyone is more aware of the damage that can be caused to the human ear drum.


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