Cutical removal safety

Well I had time this morning to finally take care of my nails so I chose to take advantage and do something for myself. Besides, my nails were in desperation of some serious attention. The very first thing I did was locate my wooden pick which I tend to use more than the metal one that came in the nail file set. I actually like to use the wood one more than the metal because the wood is more smooth on the skin when gliding across the nail. Plus when poking the cutical back into my finger it is a lot easier and not has harsh; that is my preferance.

I believe I was able to find the wooden items in a five pack as to the price I am unsure since they last for quite some time. Once I picked up what needed I have not needed to go back. What I have found in using these items is they are so helpful with keeping the cuticle under control more than the metal has ever been able to, at least for how I manage my nails on a weekly basis. After using the wooden cuticle item I carefully cleaned each nail to ensure the smoothness then used something called Nails Alive.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici and free digital photos

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici and free digital photos

This item is actually something I have been working with for quite sometime as well. It has been quite helpful because when my nails were weak and frail due to medication side effects I chose to try this item. After a few weeks of constant drinking water and keeping my nails cared for I was able to see the strength rebuilding. Ever since then I have made a weekly use of Nails Alive to ensure strength stays within my nails. As a matter of fact, the only time the strengthener doesn’t get used is when my nails are painted.

The great thing is I can use either one coat if painting or two coats if leaving them clear. They have improved quite nicely and I’m very impressed. Another trick I have learned is to try using the polish under the nail so it has treatment on both sides for protection. I find it actually helps in my situation. I always make it a point to remove the nail cuticle before putting anything on my nails because it will ensure clean nails and less chance of getting a build up of bacteria.

Have fun and I hope the above tips will help your nails become beautiful!


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