Windows 8 mp3 freeware experience part duex

In the second experience of using mp3 freeware for Windows 8, I tried out something called XM Play; it was a bit different. This free application took me awhile to get accustom to but I must say it’s nice but a little more advanced and unique. Something I noticed is the freeware is still simple when it installs. Even though it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as Spider there is one different aspect of placing a file onto it I did not notice nor did I try with the other application.

Just as Spider has the ability to access files and folders for adding mp3 music this one is rather interesting as you can relocate the application within your monitor so it is near your music directory let us say and if there is a selection you would like to add just select those items within the Windows Explorer then drag and drop onto XM Play. By drag and dropping the mp3 as you wish XM Play will automatically begin onto the next one as they are in the order placed.

I have been testing this mp3 application while writing this article as well and notice it does not take a lot of cache to use so it is not a memory hog. As I mentioned previously the size of the interface is fairly small so windows can be opened next to it on your monitor and viewed easily. I am writing this article on a laptop with the Internet browser open and it is quite easy to manage. The only thing I have not attempted is browsing with a playlist going in the background. My entire reason for seeking a Winamp replacement was 1) I was in need as Winamp could not manage the 32-bit but 2) I work during the day and I would like to have something other than the television playing. This will allow me to have my collection of play lists playing in the background or I can choose from one of my many audio compact discs.

This mp3 freeware is surely a benefit just as the first review so I believe I will use them both a bit longer to determine what works the best before making the final choice. Do make note that whether you chose Spider or XM Play you can find them both for free just by doing a search using Google. I hope I have helped persons that use Windows 8 or 8.1 operating service and are in need of an mp3 freeware player.


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