Windows 8 mp3 player experience part 1

Well now I have some interesting news. First for the not so good, I discovered that Winamp 32-bit does not run well on Windows 8 as it constantly locks. I actually turned to the two player options that were on Windows 8 and was not impressed. The Windows Media player did not give me exactly the options I wanted and there was another music player that used something similar to a play list but I was not willing to set up an account. So with that being said, I decided it was time to set out on the quest and see what freeware is available for the Windows 8 operating system.

During the quest I uncovered a few rocks that showed Winamp being 64-bit but I was not impressed. The few times I made the attempt to download it directed me right to the 32-bit website. Again, I continued on my way and finally I came across two freeware items that seem to be exactly as required. The two applications are freeware. first application discussed in part one is called Spider Player.

I actually was impressed with this mp3 player because it is a user-friendly application, it installed easily. I like the interface and the ability that it allows me to set up my speakers including the balance and it also has various equalizer settings. There is even a drop down to select different options for the type of music that would go best if you don’t wish to manually change the equalizer; it can automatically do it for you. Plus, you can save those changes so it will remember the next time Spider is opened.

Once you have done all of the settings, there is an open window below the equalizer than below it a plus and minus sign along with a few other options. By using them, it will allow you to open files and or folders of choice music to listen to. It is very easy to find the directories within and I have noticed how smoothly it runs in comparison to the Winamp program. Spider actually runs a lot faster and I have been able to multi-task; I’m using it while writing this article actually. *smile*

Oh and something I really like is you will have this little green icon with a black spider on your task bar that is very simple to just click and it will automatically open for you. Something else that I have learned to do using this program is to open more than one mp3 at a time, hold down the Control key and left click on the mp3. When you have clicked on all you want then click on okay. Everything will then open and to begin the playing, double-click on the mp3 you wish to start with. It’s a wonderful application to use and easy to learn especially those who have upgraded to Windows 8. Enjoy!


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