Refocusing on fiction writing once again

courtesy of stuart miles/ free digital

courtesy of Stuart miles/ free digital

I have been a freelance writer for many years and focusing on multiple specialty topics it is a world I absolutely adore. As of a few years ago, I started to dwindle in the world of fiction writing just to see what would come about or if I could even do something other than reference writing. I actually shocked myself when I managed not to only create a story during something called NaNoWriMo but I continued to keep going with this creation of characters and a story line.

Here I am two years later looking at the work I did, shaking my head in awe. Not so much in embarrassment but more so for the fact it needs work – much work done to the multiple chapters that I have created. Because of what needs to be done I have chosen to begin again and start where I have left off.

Since I work odd hours I cannot promise to post all the time but will do my best to to discuss personal experience with helpful blog sites, writing applications, my recent purchases of writing documentation and much more.. stay tuned!


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