Writing goals begin at the beginning

My first attempt at writing in fiction was quite the hoot. I think I did it to prove something to myself more because I have been a non-fictional writer for many years. What was I thinking of writing fiction as it’s a new world I know nothing about. Well, when I joined this wonderful group called NaNoWriMo – they can be found on Facebook – I was quite cautious but more than willing to listen and learn.

I began to create the first thing that came to mind and let my imagination go wild. After the writing period was up I did not hit the 10K limit of words but I felt such a rush of ambition and drive of creation, I kept on going with my writing. I will admit, I wasn’t exactly sure whether I had things planned out right for a plot, structure, or anything else but it didn’t matter. I just kept on writing for many more months. Thinking back I believe I did another three chapters then finally stopped as I decided I needed to start looking into a review and possible edit.

After counting I ended up with seven chapters, a plot that makes somewhat sense and structure that has leakage. At another date, I am showing further changes were made starting with synopsis and it worked from there into building the structure to make it more firm with weight. I saw additions and changes to the characters. So I have taken all of those changes and started to apply new ideas with a bit of inside help.

I have been toying around with writing applications, other than Microsoft Word – will get into what application I use in another post. Anyway…I just recently purchased two small kindle books.  My first writing goal is to read one of the two kindle books. My second writing goal is to use new writing knowledge and rebuild my current novel characters as well as invent characters as needed. I will end this post with the current kindle book I am reading and why it is so important.

The name of this book is called “Show Don’t Tell: The Ultimate Writer’s Guide“. I just began reading it last night but far from finished reading. The benefits are wonderful  as  I have learned so much just in the few chapters read. The author is fabulous at explaining why best-writers use  this philosophy in their novels. I highly suggest it as a reference to anyone that is a writer wanting to obtain better writing skills.

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