Chivalry is still alive through gentleman manners

As I was sitting here this afternoon writing for a client I took a moment of thought and looked out my window. When looking out my window I was given a smile as I saw an older couple walking together hand in hand through the park which was quite lovely.  As they were walking to their vehicle the husband stops and gently opens the passenger door for his bride so she can step into the vehicle. He even held her hand and guided her in so she was safe and secure.

I actually smiled while watching this act of chivalry as I have not seen it in such a long time. I can recall many years ago gentleman opening doors for me but it rarely happens nowadays because everyone is so busy taking care of their own daily affairs. Seeing an older gentleman still take care of his bride made me smile just to know that gentleman acts are still among us. I can only hope that there were a few gentleman who have seen this thoughtful post and they will remind their sons to treat all lady friends with courtesy just as I had seen this afternoon.



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