Why do United States business owners pull out and go to Canada

business creationI kept thinking the 35% tax here in the US and 25% tax in Canada had something to do with it but then I began to wonder if it was something else taking place that no business owner was speaking of. Canada has a stable economy while here in the United States it is quite the opposite. The United States economy is unstable as many residents out of work, job seeking, and it does create a highness of welfare. The tax code is another big issue that causes a large problem with creating jobs because it is not bringing the incentive to create new business development that will create jobs in the end. 

What I find more interesting is the latest news. Target is planning to add an additional 100 plus stores to those currently in Canada and Wendy’s is now considering moving into across the border.In more interesting news, Nordstrom has already made plans to create select chain stores to show their luxury items in Canada. What’s more interesting,  Walgreens pharmacy has chosen to keep their headquarters here in the United States; it is based in Chicago, IL.

I’ve been hearing rumors how Burger King may be facing serious damage now that there has been a merger with Tim Horton’s pancake house. Supposedly there has been whispers saying all will be well but on the underside there are others shaking there head very fast left to right. In essence, there has been rumors of Tim Horton’s being the wrath of Burger King Corporation slow inexistence. Only time will tell on how truthful or fictional those rumors are. I look forward to seeing the poker cards played out in the hands they are dealt. 


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