Shopping for a cell phone part 1

woman w cell phone

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It was not until a few days ago I actually made a decision on a phone that was perfect for my needs. How I did it was beginning to ask the following questions about the cell phone:

  • Make/model of the phone
  • speed of the phone – can it handle just 3g or also manage 4G
  • what type of memory does it come with and can it be expanded to a larger amount
  • what is the battery life – how long until recharge
  • phone interface – how easy to learn, ability to store data, can new users pick up easily
  • cell phone price – both contract price and 2 year price

The above list I used including reading all of customer reviews that had purchased cellular phone types. I did take notes using either my notepad in the computer or even a spread sheet to keep everything neatly laid out for comparison. A helpful way I managed to locate reviews is two ways. The first is to use You Tube; go onto the website then enter in the type cell phone you would like to review and tons of reviews will appear. You can then review all of them one by one. It might seem overboard but it does pay off when listening to others thoughts.

The second review help I located is Google. How I used Google was to type in two comparison choices I want to review. In my case let’s say I want to compare an Iphone 6 with the Moto G; what I would type into Google is “compare iPhone 6 and Moto g” without the quotes then press enter. It will give you a listing of websites that do nothing but comparisons on cell phones. You can scan through the listing and pick on the link choices and view your comparison review.

The next section I have written is determining your best provider and I chose to write that as part 2.


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