Shopping for a cell phone part 2

woman showing cell phone by imagerymajestic /

woman showing cell phone by imagerymajestic /

Let us say that cell phone buyers have determined one of two things after making the purchase of a cell phone; either 1) purchased the unlock feature or 2) they have chosen the contract option. Either one of those choices are okay things to do. The point to the matter, every cellular provider has different cellular packages whether they are by monthly contract or 2-year service and it is best to price matters out first and determine a budget guide line before signing any type of agreement. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • how many minutes do you actually plan on using your phone every month
  • will you be spending more time voice, text, data, or a combination of all three
  • do you need a plan with international calling included
  • what type cell phone accessories will you be needing; are they specific such as batteries, memory, bluetooth devices for business or do you need to look at phone cases
  • do you need phone insurance on the type phone you have purchased

Considering that phone insurance covers a situation of cell phones being lost, stolen, or damaged it can be beneficial to invest in. BUT before obtaining think about the two options mentioned what is that phone used for and how much was paid on that phone. How will the phone be used, in other words are you paying for it or is your employer paying for it in your place of employment. If it is the latter then obviously there will be cell phone insurance coverage. If you have a business that is another reason to obtain insurance coverage. If you are going to be using a cell phone for emergency purposes and the cell phone price is under $100 paying insurance per month may not be worth considering for your cell phone.

The goal of having a cell phone is to obtain it for your specific needs and ONLY your needs. Some persons will use it for emergency needs, some will use it for business, and some will use it for family. There are others that have gotten cell phones for all of the above. The point is everyone has different motivation for cell phone shopping and that is why the above helpful guides have been shared to give insight on how to ease into the shopping for new cell phone buyers.


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