Can we talk financial planning

cashCan we get serious for a few moments and talk about financial planning I mean really talk? How many of you have actually sat down and planned out your monthly budget on spending matters? Or for that matter if you are planning to retire have you A) estimated a cash amount to secure every pay check until you reach retirement age or B) spoken to a financial advisor who can provide the planning and investment tools needed for the specific age retirement bracket?

Both options can be very helpful when building a financial plan it just depends upon what exactly it is you are wanting to do and the type of financial plan you are wanting to create. In this current economy there are many persons who are facing difficulty because there has been the slip in job employment causing a loss in the economy. Even though we are slowly rebuilding and it is not as quickly as we would like the nation is on a rebound, finally. Of course only time will tell. But with that being said, everyone must do what they can do keep their own finances structured safely and their own proprietary needs satisfied. With that final thought in mind, creating a financial plan requires building the correct structure that will be helpful to the entire family in short-term and in long-term.

On a final note, before planning know the exact amount of gross income being made and the exact amount of funds that can be spent. In other words, this will require pulling together all monthly bills that are paid out from car payments to utilities, cell phone bills, grocery bills, baby sitter, paying little Kenny for mowing grass (example), and so on. The point is, every expense needs to be added up. Once you have that total expense minus the amount from your monthly gross salary.

That amount is your household asset and what can be spent. Don’t get excited and think I’m going to go shopping. It doesn’t mean you can freely spend money. You must budget, watch how you spend, and not over spend. The best plan of action is to determine a safe figure of funds that can be placed into a savings account for a rainy day fund or for a retirement fund. Again, speaking with a well-respected financial investor can be of service as he or she can provide the best and legal aspects of how to move forward and what will work the best for your family needs.

Have a great day and a profitable 4th quarter!


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