How BrightRoll bucked a big tech startup trend

The technology company BrightRoll should be smiling about now as Yahoo has come to the rescue. Everyone knows who and what the company Yahoo does but BrightRoll is a technology company that has been down on its luck for a few years. BrightRoll has taken a fall in the area of creating revenue to build so because of their situation Yahoo came to assist.


When BrightRoll yesterday agreed to be acquired for $640 million by Yahoo [fortune-stock symbol=”YHOO”], it was much more than just a validation of the eight year-old company’s online advertising platform. It also was a reminder that tech startups needn’t always raise every last dime available from venture capitalists.

San Francisco-based BrightRoll raised around $40 million in venture capital funding since being founded in 2006, but its most recent round was a full three years ago. Instead, BrightRoll kept its cash burn in check and focused intently on execution — becoming profitable with what Yahoo says will be more than $100 million in net revenue this year (a figure that I hear is a significant underestimation).

“The key is that the company’s sales and marketing efficiency was phenomenal,” says a source familiar with BrightRoll. “They really managed to scale from very small to very large by increasing sales productivity, rather than…

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