New chronic migraine group is welcoming members


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Chronic migraines are a debilitating illness that every person experiences differently as there are eight different types of migraines at this time. How a person with chronic migraines can work through issues on a daily basis is at times quite difficult and sometimes impossible. Every migraine patient experiences chronic pain (CP) during each episode. What one CP patient may experience during his or her migraine will be quite different from another CP patient. The differences could involve what type migraine to the migraine intensity, the location of migraine, to even the migraine length of time. All the above is what make each CP migraine patient special, unique, and someone who needs to be understood.

It is these special times when special groups are formed to give the support to others that are hurting and just need somewhere they can feel safe and cared for like a second family. A group called “The Head of Migraine” has been created to provide that safe haven for anyone seeking information about migraines, wanting to share information about migraines, or looking for others who can and will understand the chronic migraine pain experience.

If you would like to join the closed group and freely discuss your personal migraine journey with others you can visit the Facebook website, look up the group The Head of Migraine and request to join. In the section mention please mention where you had seen the link or the article. We look forward to having you join our family. Again, this is a closed group and anything said stays within this group.


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