How to create book or novel titles

Open BookAfter doing some reading I found an effective writing tool. This actually built some ideas in my mind and I wanted to bring these ideas to other writers who may be attempting to find ideas for building and not making progress.

How to begin is simply start in front of your computer or by using a pen and paper. Divide the paper into two sections then label one section Abstract Nouns. Now you may ask yourself what is an abstract noun? Well, consider abstract nouns something such as your senses; in other words an abstract noun is best defined as a noun of feeling. Label the second section Concrete Nouns. The Concrete Noun is easily known as a person, place, or object.

To complete this small fun writing project to build your ideas after doing the above determine a number of how many pairs you will determine. Let us say 10 pairs. You then can begin coming up with choice words for one column then go onto the next. Don’t pay any attention to what you have written down for the previous column, just write for each item until 10 pairs are complete.

I went ahead and made it easy on matters; I chose to do things using Microsoft Excel and just to show you I have a screen shot with everything all colored and titled as to how you can easily make your notebook page or computer note pad.

When that is done looking at your results you will have 10 pairs of words. What takes place with the pairs is actually the fun part. What makes this fun is because they can be moved around. I haven’t done it yet with mine but I will in the following table. The exercise to this goal is to take either the Abstract Noun or the Concrete Noun and exchange the place it is in with another. This exercise is to build your creative mind in seeing how the two types of nouns work together nicely and can easily create novel titles as well as chapter titles.

For example, when I was reviewing my first table creation I happen to see a few quick changes that could be made and it gave me ideas of new short stories or even a new idea for the next novel option I could begin working on, not that I would. *sigh*

But, with that being said, I changed words around and did a few uses of “the” or using “of” and screen shot2managed to come about with some pretty interesting novel title ideas which got my writer mind wandering as it needs to be.  Still using Microsoft Excel I put the two words together that made most sense and came up with the use of a pronoun that would be best effective. Of course nothing is ever perfect in the writing world but by doing this I now have something to place into my writing case on Scrivener and keep it for future review when ready to build the next project.

Good luck and I hope this exercise will build your creativity for new novel ideas! Happy Writing!



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