The Sledding Debate

Courtesy of franky242 at

Courtesy of franky242 at

I can remember many moons ago when I was a child a favorite place to go sledding was a particular pasture that surrounded a larger farm. This farm was near the subdivision I grew up in and I can remember the neighborhood kids would all get together with their sleds and take the hike to the greatest place for sledding, this one particular farm pasture because it was the best hill for sledding; it was away from traffic, and best of all the property owner had no problem with us local kids making use of it.

What brought all the above to mind wasn’t the white snow on the ground although that did help make me think of those fun days. No, what got me thinking of this is hearing of the listing of states that are now considering the idea of banning the activity of sledding. It honestly makes me wonder if there are public officials in state houses who had ever gone sledding when they were young? Every child dreams of getting old enough so this is something he or she can do because it is an exciting activity yet there are public officials that want to take this activity away and make a child’s life boring – BOO on them!


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  1. I also have wonderful memories of sledding as a child! What other outdoor activities would children enjoy in the Winter in certain regions of the country besides skiing, ice skating or hockey which could potentially cause injury as well?


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