Grand opening for Degenerative Disc Disease Support Group on FaceBook

What is Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)?

DDD is a very painful issue that many persons do go through and it is a very common cause for lower back pain. Many persons have gotten DDD and many have had issues in finding the correct care for their situation. There are some who have gone through surgery and improved and there are others who have had surgery and experienced negative results. Every patient experiences different issues with DDD and each case is handled very specific based on the patient need because of those requirements. Because every patient is different there could be more medical issues taking place than just lower back pain; a patient could be experiencing sciatica in one or both of their legs.

How can the FaceBook group help me?

Degenerative Disc Disease Support Group has FaceBook members that talk about their everyday struggles with DDD, members have asked questions before going to see a new doctor, or inquired more information on types of medication just to learn and be educated before talking. Members have also asked things like what are the right questions to ask a surgeon during a consultation before surgery; there are members who have asked questions about recovery time from surgery as well.

This FaceBook group also has members who deal with chronic pain so members do go through things like physical therapy or some type of therapy to care for themselves. There are group members who constantly stay in touch and will ask the question what is the best type of therapy that works with a certain type of pain. There are group members who use specific devices to help them manage the pain as well and there are group members who use particular pain devices and will provide assistance by answering questions when others members ask.

What makes Degenerative Disc Disease Support Group special is this FaceBook group is closed to the public allowing every member to openly speak about their issues without feeling they have to hide their pain. Every member in the group is is like family because they do understand what DDD is.

If you are interested in joining this Facebook group search for “Degenerative Disc Disease Support Group” and request to join.


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