Wild animals must be respected

Image courtesy of Hal Brindley/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Hal Brindley/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I am shaking my head after seeing the morning news and questioning those who have no common sense why they refuse to respect wild animals. I have absolutely no respect for people who cannot respect wild animals and think they are nothing more than moving stuffed animals. These are God’s creatures and  must be given respect they deserve in their habitat, they are not domesticated by any means and are not something you can just walk up to and pet. One must keep distance and never EVER attempt to feed. A wild animal can get aggressive at any time and it is the animal’s right to do so because we are on their property if getting too close.  Let me give an example of the latest issue on national news of this couple who decided to take it upon themselves by thinking wouldn’t it be cute to throw a piece of bread to a Kodiak bear that is only 20 ft away?

Well, wouldn’t it have been cute if that Kodiak bear turned on them and attacked their car as wild animals will do when with their aggressive side? Let us consider what recently took place in Johanesburg, South Africa when an American women went against policy when riding with her vehicle windows down in a lion kingdom – she was brutally attacked. It was her fault and nothing is being done against the lion because it did nothing wrong.

There are many persons who insist on getting close to a wild animal simply because they do not respect a wild animal’s habitat. I am getting quite tired hearing about those who have no common sense and refuse to follow specific guidelines when it comes to a wild creature such as do not feed them, keep a far distance, etc. These beautiful creatures are wild animals that must be given respect, period.


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