The Des Moines Register needs to grow a pair

I am sick and tired of reading comments in the news from the Iowa Des Moines Register news paper who are constantly putting Donald Trump down and acting as if they know the best for this nation; they have no clue what is best for the United States of America. What is best for this newspaper is they shut up and go back to doing their job, reporting the news, or is that something editors don’t know how to do? I find it quite interesting how these newspaper editors are now playing Mommy characters and feel they know the best for Donald Trump is that he needs drop from the Presidential race.

Guess want you fools?! Donald Trump is doing just fine. As the man is speaking the truth to the American voters which needs to be done and nothing is going wrong. I think it is time these editors and writers at the Iowa Des Moines Register grow a pair and leave Donald Trump to continue doing his job at running for 2016 President!


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