Windows 10 is now on my ASUS laptop

Image courtesy of and idea go

Image courtesy of and idea go

After reading the many postings on Windows 10 coming onto the market and how it will be so much like Windows 7 then reading the positive reviews from the many who have actually gone through with installing Windows 10 and actually like it, I decided to set up my business laptop so it could manage the upgrade.

My laptop is an Asus with Windows 8,1 and has been pushing me for a Windows 10 reservation so I took the time early this afternoon and went through with doing the upgrade to the new operating system. I will be keeping a close eye on this for sure as I am quite interested to see just how well it will do when it comes to managing what I do every day. I have multiple programs which I do run so I look forward to seeing the memory management which this operating system can handle.Thus far, all seems to be running just fine. I will be providing updates in the future on my usage with a registered copy of Windows 10.


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  1. Beginning to wonder about Windows 10 as it continues to upgrade and it’s doing these upgrades more than just the normal time of the week. They have been taking place once or twice a week and I find it to be quite off at times especially when I go to shut down the system then it goes into this slow mode showing it is gathering more information and I can tell right then and there it’s another upgrade. *sigh* All I can think of is here we go again *rolls eyes*


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