Are you looking good for that job interview

Courtesy Free Digital Photos

Courtesy Free Digital Photos

I have fallen in love with the TLC show Love, Lust or Run. Unsure if anyone has seen this show but I have been paying very close attention to it as it just draws me in mainly because of the host. I love and adore Stacy London. She is wonderful and so honest with everything she says and the tips that are provided to the guests.

As someone who also helps others in getting what they want out of their career whether it is building a business, going after a first time job, or rebuilding a career after having a baby this show is something I have grown to love and gain many of my pointers from because Stacy is just wonderful in creating the right look.

I highly suggest to everyone and anyone that hasn’t seen Love, Lust, or Run to take a look at it because it will give you some ideas on how to build your personal look slowly and do it correct so you can start out fresh plus look right when wanting to make the best change for a new beginning to your job career.


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