Food Network needs a revamp

I have always appreciated watching and learning new ways to cook and make healthy dishes in the kitchen. What I’ve noticed over the years is a very disturbing change is taking place on this channel and it appears to me there is no light making an improvement. What seems to be taking place on this network is disappearance of great cooking and it is quite disturbing.

I was actually enjoying how I could take notes, watch, and learn from various shows such as Unwrapped, Iron Chef, and even Barefoot Contessa and The Pioneer Woman as those recipes can be achieved from an easy affordable grocery list. What this network has turned to now is nothing more than contest shows that seem to be over rated and nothing like what the Food Network was originally about. What is driving me batty is this constant programming urge to show re-runs throughout the day on Friday and Sunday not just for an hour or two – all day! I am finding it very hard to sit and listen to someone who sits around a high kitchen table and talks down to me like I’m a child and don’t know how to boil water. This is getting very disturbing especially from persons who I once did appreciate and have fun watching while they were cooking. It is almost as if their ego has gone a little too far north and it is now coming out into the open, literally.

What happen to the originality of this channel when Chef Mario or Chef Emeril both had a show and were doing fabulous work showing how to cook dishes step by step? Is not that what the Food Network was originally created for? Now this network has turned into a frequent programming of Guy Fieri showing or the next food star. This raises the final question now that the vice president has left this network who step forward within and make some damage control changes on behalf of the viewers and start to pay homage to cooking for what it is, a skill and talent of art.


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