Looking for that health bargain or sale?

Every consumer  wants to save money and there are some of us like myself who are on a monthly budget. Yes, I decided it was best to be on a monthly budget to keep myself from over spending on the monthly products that I need or going a little too over board with those little side treats when I want to spoil myself with the “must have” items that I really don’t need right away but find a great bargain.

Okay, now that I have your attention shoppers I ended up having one of those insomnia nights so I started to surf the Internet last night and happen to come across an interesting deal from a drugstore that I rarely ever expected to do business with, CVS. Most of the time I do shop through their competitor Walgreen’s but this time I decided because of the pricing structure it was much better to go with CVS for two reasons. The first being all of their vitamins that I needed were BOGO (buy one get one) and two, the price was less expensive in comparison. I was totally amazed especially when double checking the price.

I actually looked again while online just to make sure I wasn’t being tricked and sure enough I happen to see the CVS prices were lower directly on their website and showed to e much higher on the Walgreen’s website so I did the right buyer’s choice and went with the low price as it was the best deal for the consumer pocket. I got the best vitamin brands that I normally get at a fabulous price thanks to CVS. As for the insomnia, it happens but oh well, I eventually did get some sleep but managed to accomplish a good deal and get some shopping for my needs plus still stayed well within my monthly budget. I highly suggest to everyone to watch the prices closely and always keep an eye out for those special deals especially if they are a BOGO.

A few tips that will also help in saving money I take advantage of the shopping flyers from the business locations where I shop. I can get them easily by email and review at it helps me build my monthly shopping list along with keep track of where to best get the deals and also know when those deals will be taking effect. Another item that I use is something called Ebates as it is an Internet extension that will help save on money as I get discounts on all the locations that I shop at especially the locations I visit frequently and I also will get emails from them as well.

Hope the above helps you save money – happy shopping!


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